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High speed systems and applications development.

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We are a Digital Transformation Studio.

We specialize in building customized technological solutions to create business impact.

Agile Teams

Autonomous and proactive teams ready to develop high speed solutions.

Custom Development Projects

We develop complex applications and systems based on specifications or engineering requirements.

Digital Transformation

We identify the opportunities to implement the latest technologies to generate business impact.

We build solutions for the entire continent

We develop innovative projects for leading companies and growing startups. Get to know our Success Stories.

#Retail #WMS #TransformaciónDigital

Technological architecture redesign and WMS development.

Find out how we work together with the No. 1 retail company in Argentina to rethink its technological architecture to develop its marketplace and redesign its logistics systems by building a new WMS.

#HealthTech #ProductoDigital #EquipoÁgil

Digital platform for health management to measure the engagement of work teams.

Discover how a Startup in the USA delegated 100% of the development of its digital platform to Kovix to measure and manage the mood of work teams. Today, 1 year after its launch, it already has +400 user registrations.

#EdTech #ProductoDigital #EquipoÁgil

APP and digital platform for access to educational content.

Find out how, in the context of Covid-19 isolation, a renowned digital educational content company for Latam, delegated the development and production in record time, of its APP for students to Kovix.

#Logística #WMS #TransformaciónDigital

Innovation applied to the smart logistics system to optimize loads.

Discover how a logistics company in the USA entrusted us with the development of its TMS platform for the consolidation of international shipments, effectively combining shipping product innovation with software based on data management.


What makes us different at Kovix

Our team develops solutions that prioritize the positive impact on organizations.

Business Know-How

We focus on the positive impact that the solution will have on the client’s core business.

Technological Know-How

We have professionals specialized in different disciplines involved in technological projects.

Development Speed

We are a 100% agile organization. We are faster thanks to our processes and culture.

Our way of making impact

Our team thinks of technology as a tool and not as an end in itself. In this way, we understand and share with the client the criteria and priorities to apply in the design of their solution.


Professional team, shared know-how and continuous training.


The application of continuous improvement allows us to differentiate ourselves from the market.


Our stack of technology builds quality solutions faster.


Teamwork. We are a 100% agile company.

Companies that trust our work

Each new project is a challenge in which we build strategic partnerships with our clients.

Let’s work together to grow your project

Our team develops solutions that prioritize the positive impact of technology on organizations.
Let's get to know each other so we can start working together.

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